Pt. Mahendra Shankar Dangi

On 22nd May 2021, the first virtual session of CHATURRANG #LOCKDOWN Series with with renowned musicians Pt. Mahendra Shankar Dangi and Pt. Manohar Lal Tak from Jaipur was organised through FACEBOOK. After successfully completing 44 episodes of lockdown live series to promote and support artists in various parts of Rajasthan, CHATURRANG #LOCKDOWNLIVE Series is initiated by Rajasthan Forum, presented by Shree Cement Ltd. Prior to the live session, Rajasthan Forum Chairman Padma Bhushan Pt Vishwa Mohan Bhatt threw light on the activities of the Forum, introduced the guest artist and greeted the music enthusiasts watching the session online. The event started with the introduction by Pt. Mahendra Shankar Dangi. He shared about his musical journey in a breif. The musical evening started with composition by performing teen taal than peshkaar, kayade, rela, gat and Tipalli. Pt. Mahendra Shankar Dangi and Pt. Manohar Lal Tak won the hearts of music lovers by making a deep performance of his rhythm The session was viewed in large number and viewers were awestruck by the performance.

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