Mandeep Sharma

On 31st July 2021, the virtual session of CHATURRANG #LOCKDOWN Series with miniature painter Shri Mandeep Sharma from Udaipur was organised through FACEBOOK. CHATURRANG #LOCKDOWNLIVE Series is initiated by Rajasthan Forum, presented by Shree Cement Ltd. Prior to the live session, Rajasthan Forum Member & Padmashri S. Shakir Ali introduced the guest painter and greeted the viewers watching the session online. The evening started with introduction by Shri Mandeep Sharma. During this conversation, Mandeep shared about his education, and painting journey. He shared that he inherited the culture of painting from his mother and father. Painting on marble has been the main source of livelihood for his family. From childhood, his inclination towards this art was born. He also shared that he is very fond of music and he always listens to music while making paintings. He discribed about his Radha Krishna paintings and many such religious subjects along with many historical paintings. In the end he demonstrated the art of Miniature painting during his live painting session of Lord Shiva. The vote of thanks was delivered by Rajasthan Forum Member Ms. Manjiri Mahajani. The session was viewed in large numbers.

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