Kaviraj Laique

On 19th June 2021, the virtual session of CHATURRANG #LOCKDOWN Series with renowned theatre artist Shri Kaviraj Laique from Udaipur was organised through FACEBOOK. CHATURRANG #LOCKDOWNLIVE Series is initiated by Rajasthan Forum, presented by Shree Cement Ltd. Prior to the live session, Rajasthan Forum Member & multifaceted artist Ms. Ila Arun introduced the guest artist and greeted the viewers watching the session online.
The evening started with introduction by Kaviraj Laique. The play was based on the Hindu epic Mahabharata, Veer Arjuna also had a name ‘Varhanalla’. Arjuna had spent his one-year exile in the form of Varhanalla in the Matsya kingdom of Virat King. He brought alive this unique character of Mahabharata with his strong acting and effective style of dialogue delivery. Kaviraj also briefed about the various aspects of his Rang Yatra. Through the act, Kaviraj tried to make a comparative study of the Mahabharata and the present society. The session was viewed in large number and viewers were impressed by his art.

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