Dr. Jeevan Singh

On 26th June 2021, the virtual session of CHATURRANG #LOCKDOWN Series with renowned poet Dr. Jeevan Singh from Alwar was organised through FACEBOOK. CHATURRANG #LOCKDOWNLIVE Series is initiated by Rajasthan Forum, presented by Shree Cement Ltd.
Prior to the live session, Rajasthan Forum Member & eminent Shri Ashok Rahi introduced the guest writer and greeted the viewers watching the session online. The evening started with introduction by Dr. Jeevan Singh. He shared about his literary journey and the effect of village and folk on his literature. He also shared about the essence of music in literature. He shared about the folk literature and music of Albakshi Khayals. He alsa narrated about his experiences of Jurhara’s Ramleela. During the session, he memsmerized the audience by singing one of the mand folk songs and small portion of Ramleela. The vote of thanks was delivered by Rajasthan Forum Member & poet Shri Ikraam Rajasthani. The session was viewed in large number.

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