Dr. Deepak Bhatt

On 11th September 2021, the last virtual session of CHATURRANG #LOCKDOWN Series with rising artist Dr. Deepak Bhatt from Udaipur was organised through FACEBOOK. CHATURRANG #LOCKDOWNLIVE Series is initiated by Rajasthan Forum, presented by Shree Cement Ltd. Prior to the live session, Rajasthan Forum Member Padmashri Tilak Gitai introduced the artist and greeted the viewers watching the session online. The evening started with introduction by Dr. Deepak Bhatt. Deepak, shared about his artistic journey. Deepak narrated about the conept behind his paintings and the inspirations behind it. He also showed a video of his painting done on a wooden box which is about 200 years old. Deepak shared about his paintings made by etching method. He also shared about his graphic design work. Deepak also done a live demonstration. He painted an artistic person on canvas with his art style. The vote of thanks was delivered by Rajasthan Forum Member Shri Vidhyasagar Upadhyay. The session was viewed in large numbers.

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